Welcome to the SW Edinburgh Community E-Cargo Bike Site


Our cargobike and e-bikes are available for the community to use for FREE. We believe that anyone who tries an electric bike will have great fun and see the benefits and ease of this type of travel.  


Bike reservations can be made here-please see the FAQs below


Inspiration for this site comes from Porty Community Energy who ran the trial before us!


Frequently asked questions:

How much does it cost and what do I need in order to borrow the bike?

We are not charging for the hire. Please bring ID and a proof of address with you.


What do I need to bring along?

A helmet, photo ID plus recent proof of address and a desire to try something different! 


What about insurance?

Unfortunately, we cannot insure ‘you’ or what you may do with the bike --however, cheap insurance is available from a number of organisations such as Cycling UK. You having appropriate insurance in place is your responsibility. The bike itself is insured against theft. 


How long can I borrow the bike for?

You can borrow the bike for a day at a time. You can borrow it regularly however we want to give as many people as possible access to the bike so we will give priority to new users. If you find you need a longer loan it may be worth contacting Cargo Bike Movement.


Where and when do I collect it?

We will arrange this with you once reserved; it will either be in the Spylaw Bank area of Colinton or Spylaw Park (near the CVE 'shed'). You will be met by a volunteer there. When you book please request a time in the notes and we will try our best to find someone to meet you then, or arrange another time as close as possible.


Are the bikes hard to use?

The first time you borrow one of the bikes you will be given a 20-30 min induction and only send you off with it when you feel confident. We have great bikes for first time e-bikers/cargo-bikers and you'll have a big smile on your face, we promise!


Can I use it for work?

This isn't covered by the bike's insurance. Try Cargo Bike Movement 


Can I give my children a ride?

This is dependent on the bike; for example the Urban Arrow will carry up to two children with a weight of up to 100kg. Young babies will need a car seat and adaptor --these are availble to borrow upon request.. 


How about my dog?

Sure. Please give it a clean after.  


What about charging the battery?

As it's a day loan we expect to have to charge the battery overnight. Of course if you have time to charge it for us that's great.